1 June 2010


20 November 2009


Hello I released some new stuff so here goes!

These are the Rock Tops/Dresses in 5 colors! They include sculpted sleeves and the chain!

...and the Strap Leggings in 3 variations!

I released some shapes like ages ago, but never made a notice so here you go!
These shapes are shorter than my usual releases, but don't forget that all shapes are Mod, so you can tweak it to fit you!

Hope you like them!
More to come soon*I hope*

Taxi to +plus

6 August 2009


Hello all,

I know I've been away for ages but RL is really demanding.

Anyways, I managed to make some Unisex T-shirts and 1 of the has a special price 5L and some of you might have already recognized what it is about! LOL..Fame sucks sometimes :P

Hope you like them!


8 May 2009

1 Shape and a 2 days Shape Sale!

Hello again! Super busy rl days so just a new shape for today, special for the new Rockberry Skin Uma! What a great skin!

Also I 've set a small sale for all shapes (male & female) -50% until Saturday morning , and only at mainstore. That means each shape is only 200L$!!!!!!

So If you are interested be sure to hurry up!..don't forget to bring your bfs to try on a demo too!


21 April 2009


Hello all again, I hope you all had great holidays and much rest.

This is the new release from +plus. Take a look....

This is the New Big Glam Tote in 9 colors which I hope you like as much as I do! Its a large Old Leather Tote in rich gold decoration with studs on both sides and a big buckle.

They folder includes 2 versions one with bag holding animation and without one. Both have resize scripts. They can become very small to fit all avatars and tastes!

They are also available in Fat Pack and you can save 30% of the total price!

Hope you like them


Tp to +plus mainstore

25 March 2009

..in between days...of hard work!

Hello all.
Those 2 weeks have been a true nightmare for me and the worst haven't yet come with rl work. Damn I should not be complaining that I have work with all that crisis around me..Anyways tomorrow is a holiday in Greece so free day and work for Sl a bit. I was trying to finish for days but today I made it! They are not many but i hope you like them!

here goes...

By now you should be able to know that I am not a fan of the very delicate and small accessories in RL ..dunno but I don't like them on me. I so prefer the big ones that really make a statement. Part of this addiction are the accessories I made for ya.

First there are the Minimal Ethnic Earrings in spring/summer mood..I know you all started dressing in all this amazing outfits that have been released recently even though I still wear a sweater RL...yeah its still cold :((

My granny used to have a necklace from colored crystals I was always admiring in a vintage style so I recreated it here in 7 colors!

..and last but not least a shape for the new Bebae skins that I loved! Meet Pasifae!

All shapes are mod/copy/no transfer, and there is a demo available to try....

I hope you like them... More to come soon.... I hope :P


3 March 2009

Whole New!!!!

Hello all,

I am very happy to announce that finally +plus has a new Mainstore in a new sim! YAY!

I wanted to release many more stuff for the opening but the time was really pressing so I managed to make only a few. I promise to make more soon now that the shop is established!

Take a look!

The rockin Studded bangles in 6 colors!

...and 5 new Male Shapes !! 0.O

All shapes are mod/copy/no transfer, and there is a demo available to try....

I hope you like them... More to come soon....


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